Life has a distinctive rhythm and texture here in Greenwood. It begins with a history and culture as rich and complex as the fertile alluvial soil of the Mississippi Delta. This is the region that birthed the haunting strains of the blues, America's original musical art form, and is the final resting place of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. It inspired a culinary tradition that rose from humble roots to seduce the most discerning palates while simultaneously comforting the soul. It attracts artists, musicians, filmmakers, craftsmen, chefs, foodies, writers, storytellers, seekers, entrepreneurs, outdoorsmen, lovers, collectors, history buffs, and adventurers. And it lives, breathes and redefines authentic Southern hospitality. Slow and soulful, warm and relaxed, unexpectedly cosmopolitan yet never too hip. Greenwood offers an incomparable glimpse into the enduring legacy of the Delta, the soul of the South, and the unquenchable spirit of a people whose hearts are as vast and open as the horizon.

A region rich in cultural heritage born in fields of cotton that once stretched on for miles, as far as the eye could see. A land noted for warm hospitality and diverse history. It won't take long before you find yourself slowing down, relaxing and settling into the rhythm of a place where good music, good food and good company are not only celebrated, but elevated to an art form. A place where a meal can last for hours and the sounds of blues guitars and laughter echo all night long.